Structural Welding Special Inspection

This course develops students to perform competent structural welding inspections to AWS D1.1. Secondly, this course prepares students to sit for the ICC Structural Welding Special Inspector examination. By providing students with the knowledge to perform welding inspection, this course is much more than just an exam preparation seminar. Topics covered include: essential and ethical duties of the Structural Welding Special Inspector, foundation of structural Steel and Welding, welding inspection operations, applicable usage of Code references, use welding procedures in structural steel, deformed bars, and light gauge steel, prepare welder certifications; preheating and post weld heating. Material Classification, management and purpose of electrodes and consumables, basis for high strength bolting, devices used for comparing high strength bolts to industry standard,checking visual welding inspection training, Defectology, report writing, as well as exam preparations according to ICC examination standards for ICC Structural Welding Special Inspector Examination.



Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to provide instruction in the technical aspects, and duties and responsibilities of the Structural Welding Special Inspector according to the guidelines established by the International Code Council (ICC). In addition to the review of applicable IBC, AWS, and AISC provisions, heavy emphasis is placed on plan reading and execution of the welding inspection tasks. This course is also designed to prepare attendees to take the ICC S2 Structural Welding Special Inspection examination.

• To understand the fundamentals of structural welding

• To be able to apply IBC, AWS, and AISC welding inspection provisions to building projects

• To recognize and interpret complex code requirements

• To comprehend structural, erection, and shop drawings

• To perform ethical and essential requirements for welding inspection


Course Structure

This course is designed to provide a hybrid experience, including classroom and hands-on training. This class will be divided in the following way:

70% Classroom Training

• Blueprint clinic (Structural Welding plans)

• Code clinics: D1.1, D1.3, D1.4, D1.5, D1.8

• Introduction to Nondestructive Testing (NDT)

20% Field Hands-On Training

• User of weld gauges, heat sticks, visual inspection tools, etc.

• Welding inspection technology seminar

• Field training based on job site location at time of class

10% Exam Preparation

• Sample code and plan examinations


Course Outline


General Requirements

• Duties and Responsibilities

• Notification of Discrepancies

• Inspection and Test Reports

Material Sampling, Testing, and Verification

• Material Identification

• Welding Metallurgy

• Material Sampling

• Nondestructive Examination

Welding Technology Seminar

• Welding Equipment and Process

• Welder Qualifications

• Welding Procedure Specification

Visual Workshop

• Weld Type and Location

• Filler Materials, Storage, and Handling

• Joint Preparation and Fit-Up

American Welding Society (AWS) Code Clinic

• Repairs

• Fabrication Tolerances

• Weld Quality



Textbook and Course Material


Required Text

• 2009 International Building Code

• Model Program for Special Inspection: Based on 2009 IBC Chapter 17

• AWS D1.1 (2006 or 2008, 2010) Structural Welding Code – Steel

• AWS D1.3 (1998 or 2008) Structural Welding Code – Sheet Steel

• AWS D1.4 (1998 or 2005) Structural Welding Code – Reinforcing Steel

• AWS A2.4 (1998 or 2007) Standard Symbols for Welding, Brazing, and Nondestructive Examination

• AISC Steel Construction Manual 14th Edition

Please view ICC’s National Certification Examination Information Bulletin to determine the current books that are accepted for testing. Structural Welding is listed on page 45 of the Bulletin.

Recommended Text

• Welding Inspection Technology Textbook and Welding Inspection Technology Workbook

• AWS Visual Workshop Training Manual


 Our philosophy at NDE Institute is based on our belief that the strongest inspectors are those who are trained with a focus on ethics and essential responsibilities.

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