Structural Masonry

This course provides students with the background to prepare to take the ACI Concrete Grade I examination. Successful completion of ACI Concrete Grade I examination is a great tool towards success in ICC Structural Masonry.


Course Objectives

The objective of this course is the introduction to the design of structural elements for masonry constructed buildings including lintels, walls, shear walls, columns, pilasters, and retaining walls and the introduction to construction techniques, materials and terminology used in masonry construction.

• To become familiar with basic masonry materials, including clay brick, CMU, mortar, grout, steel reinforcement and reinforcing accessories

• To analyze and design unreinforced masonry structures using engineering methods

• To understand the behavior of reinforced masonry structures

• To learn the methods of masonry construction and detailing practices, particularly with respect to the prescriptive seismic requirements

• To describe the properties and behavior of structural masonry


Course Structure

This course is designed to provide a hybrid experience, including classroom and hands-on training. This class will be divided in the following way:

90% Classroom Training

• Plan clinics

10% Field Hands-On Training

• Code clinics

• Field training based on job site location at time of class


Course Outline



• Material Verification

• Mortar

• Grout

• Testing

• Specimen Handling and Protection

Masonry Placement

• Masonry Units

• Movement Joints

• Embedded Items

• Protection

Reinforcement and Connector Placement

• Size, Spacing, and Placement

• Splices

• Tolerances, Clearances, and Coverage

• Details

Grout Placement

• Pre-Placement

• Placement

ª Consolidation

General Requirements

• Duties and Responsibilities

• Notification of Discrepancies

• Inspection Reports



Textbook and Course Material

• 2009 International Building Code

• ASTM Standards as listed in ICC Bulletin

• Building Code Requirements for Masonry Structures/Specification for Masonry Structures

• Reinforced Grouted Brick Masonry, 14th or 15th edition

• Reinforced Concrete Masonry Construction Inspector’s Handbook, 6th or 7th edition

• Model Program for Special Inspection

Please view ICC’s National Certification Examination Information Bulletin to determine the current books that are accepted for testing. Structural Masonry is listed on page 43 of the Bulletin.

 Our philosophy at NDE Institute is based on our belief that the strongest inspectors are those who are trained with a focus on ethics and essential responsibilities.

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