Soils Special Inspection

This course develops students to perform competent soil inspections to industry and jurisdiction codes. Secondly, this course prepares students to successfully sit for the ICC Soil Special Inspector examination. Topics covered include: essential and ethical duties of the Soil Special Inspector, Soil inspection operations, applicable usage of Code references, intense knowledge of Soil Sampling, classification, laboratory tests and results, Effective plan reading and grading, site preparation, fill monitoring, fill-place density and compaction, as well as exam preparations according to ICC examination standards for ICC Soil Special Inspector Examination.


Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to teach the inspectors the basis of soil and to help them understand and apply relevant specifications and jurisdiction codes to soil inspection from sampling, laboratory works, analysis, fill placement, in-situ place density and compaction.

• To become familiar with the Composition and properties of soil

• To become familiar with the use of the Building Code Requirements for Soil Works IBC

• To understand the basic principles of soil analysis

• To understand the use one-point proctor, Standard proctor, Modified proctor as it applies to soil density determination

• To become familiar with Soil construction and inspection techniques

• To become an independent certified soil fill placement special inspector


Course Structure

This course is designed to provide a hybrid experience, including classroom and hands-on training. This class will be divided in the following way:

80% Classroom Training

• Theory of Soil formation and classification

• Soil sampling and laboratory result

• In-depth knowledge of in-situ placed density

• Theory of soil filling and compaction

10% Field Hands-On Training

• One point proctor, Standard proctor and Modified proctor

• Proper usage of Nuclear gauge, Sand cone, and Penetrometer

• Field training based on job site location at time of class

10% Exam Preparation

• Sample code and plan examinations


Course Outline

Soil Composition

• Formation

• Specimen Handling and Protection

Laboratory Tests

• Sieve Analysis

• Standard Proctor — ASTM 698

• Modified Proctor — ASTM 1557

Field Test

• One Point Proctor — Soil Identification

• Density Determination Using Nuclear Gauge — ASTM 1557

• Density Determination Using Sand Cone — ASTM 1556

Soil Fille and Placement and Compaction

• Sub-Grade

• Consolidation

General Requirements

• Duties and Responsibilities

• Notification of Discrepancies

• Inspection Reports


Textbook and Course Material

• 2009 International Building Code

• Geotechnical Testing, Observation and Documentation

• ASTM Standards as listed in ICC Bulletin

• Model Program for Special Inspection

• Soil, Earthworks and Foundations: A practical approach based on 2009 IRC and IBC

Please view ICC’s National Certification Examination Information Bulletin to determine the current books that are accepted for testing.


 Our philosophy at NDE Institute is based on our belief that the strongest inspectors are those who are trained with a focus on ethics and essential responsibilities.

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