According to the Personnel for Quality and Nondestructive Testing Salary Survey


 • Compensation for NDT Level I professionals saw a solid gain in earnings as companies continue to hire and train entry level personnel.

• The number of Level I Contractors working in the NDT Industry in 2015 increased to keep pace with demand for qualified helpers.

• The Construction and Aerospace Industries reported strong increases in the number of Level I professionals hired in 2015 as the economy continues to improve.




Average Annual Compensation $65,927

Average Hourly Rate: $20.17

The Percentage of Level I Certified Professionals in Primary Industries.

PQNDT LEVEL I Results 2014

The NDT and ICC construction inspection industries are on the rise nationally. In 2012-2013, these industries outperformed the rest of the overall economy with an unemployment rate of 4% compared to the national unemployment rate of 7%. Due to the scarcity of qualified inspectors, the industry is experiencing an increase in salaries with annual compensation for full-time NDT workers rising 4% to over $102, 977; an increase of approximately 4% was seen at every certification level.*


At NDE Institute, we bring nearly 15 years of experience in NDT and ICC construction special inspections, representing a deep expertise in the construction, industrial, and petrochemical industries. Our instructors are field-tested, qualified inspectors who have proven to be effective teachers in the classroom and leaders on the job. Whether it’s performing radiographic testing on high pressure pipes to steel erection inspection of high rise construction, or performing quality assurance audits for developers, we can assure you that our instructors will train, prepare, and guide you to a meaningful and lucrative career as an inspector.

NDT & ICC Industries


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     "I was missing direction and had no real foresight as to where I was going, as far as a respectable career. I was concerned, stressed and struggling to get by and make ends meet to be able to provide a substantial quality of life for my family. And that’s when Jarrus intervened and told me he wanted to help. That’s effectively what he did.


I’m happy to say that with Jarrus’ help I’ve been able to set my life on course. He’s helped to give me a foundation from which I’ve been able to build upon to support my family and, that to me, means the most."


– Nathaniel Lavender



     "After completing the six month course at the NDE Institute, I was offered a position with a international inspections company in a petrochemical facility. I was very confident with my level of understanding of the industry and the work upon completing the training. Moreover, I was surprised at the transition from the classroom to the field. I found myself prepared beyond what I expected.  The in-depth knowledge and preparation received from the ethics inspection to report writing, to test taking I found myself a step ahead. I highly encourage anyone who is serious about starting a new career or looking to increase their training attend Mr. Mitchell’s program."


– Noori Brooks, Level II NDT inspector, Mistras Inc.