The School

Special Inspections Institute is a vocational training program that prepares men and women for careers as nondestructive testing (NDT) technicians and construction special inspectors. Our unique program offers an innovative hybrid of classroom instruction, including video demonstrations from the field, and hands on training. Through affiliations with relevant professional organizations and partnerships with niche employment placement firms, Special Inspections Institute students also receive industry exposure and valuable career services.

About Nondestructive Testing (NDT)

Nondestructive testing (NDT) is a term used to describe the process of examining an object or material in a way that doesn't destroy it. Nondestructive testing technicians use non-invasive methods like Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Radiographic Testing (RT), Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT), and Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) in order to determine if an object or material is safe for use. As you'll learn, NDT technicians can apply their skills and experience in a variety of industries.

About ICC Special Inspections (ICC)

Special inspections is a process set forth by the International Code Council (ICC) that is used to determine the integrity of construction materials and methods, including fireproofing, bolting and welding. Special inspectors examine and materials to determine if their use complies with various building codes and specifications.

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The Opportunities

You can work in a variety of industries*

*indicates primary industry of sampled NDT professionals


What Graduates Say About SII:

  • I was missing direction and had no real foresight as to where I was going, as far as a respectable career. I was concerned, stressed and struggling to get by and make ends meet to be able to provide a substantial quality of life for my family. And that’s when Jarrus intervened and told me he wanted to help. That’s effectively what he did.

    I’m happy to say that with Jarrus’ help I’ve been able to set my life on course. He’s helped to give me a foundation from which I’ve been able to build upon to support my family and, that to me, means the most.

    Nathaniel Lavender

The Trends

Get Involved in a Career Field that's Strong and Stable

In 2013, the employment rate in the NDT industry was 96%.

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